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remember when Cas pulled Dean out of hell and joyously shouted Dean Winchester is saved over angel radio so loud that Anna and every other angel heard it

imagine the bone-chilling cry he gave, the scream of anguish and helplessness, the broken tone and grief-stricken words said so loud that every angel everywhere had no choice but to stop and listen and shiver

Dean Winchester is no more.


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A young gay dragon being forced to explain to his dad why he’s only kidnapping princes

A young gay prince having to explain to his dad how he keeps managing to get kidnapped by the same dragon, over and over.


so does the dragon shapeshift or are 100,000+ people really okay with a dragon a human doing the do

People want to fuck dragons this isn’t a new phenomenon

#if a donkey can fuck a dragon then why can’t i

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Hmm, haven’t seen this ship in awhile~ quick late night sketch of Piki and Icicle Jack up a tree (inspired by my up tree cosplay photoshoot) I rewatched ROTG today, and thought I would attempt a closer character model to the animation for once. 

Piki and Icicle jack original fan designs from ask-pitchs-wardrobe

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